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Hey, sorry if this is a weird question but can any of your followers that live in Canberra that feel comfortable in doing it maybe send me an ask? I feel really alone in being trans.

It’s not weird at all. People find comfort in groups usually, and feeling alone is something that people get at times.

Anyone else in Canberra?

hi there, i was wondering if you could tell me if a severe breast reduction (going from JJ to C cups) to aleviate dysphoria would be available to a non-binary trans person under gender reassignment or whether it would be classified as cosmetic/done for physical problems (back pain etc). Doing it the latter way, it will cost $10 000, i'm hoping it might be available through a gender therapist and be less expensive. Is that possible/likely? thanks in advance (i'm DFAB NB and over 18)


Chances of getting surgeries covered by medicare for gender related issues are low.

"A breast reduction can be performed for two reasons. The first is cosmetic and the second is functional. In cases where the excess weight of the breast tissue causes pain and limits activity, Medicare will recognise the procedure as medical not cosmetic.

To have your eligibility determined you’ll need to be assessed by a plastic surgeon who is able to perform the operation in a public hospital. This way Medicare will cover all the costs of the procedure. If you choose to have the procedure performed privately — as in you have the surgeon of your choice, the hospital and the time the procedure will be performed — then there will be additional costs.

Private health insurance will cover most of the hospital costs and some of the surgical fee, but there will be a “gap cost” or out-of-pocket cost. The decision of whether to go private or public may come down to what sort of access you have to a public hospital (and your GP can help with this) versus the choices you want to make with regard to the treating surgeon and hospital. www.drjeremyhunt.com" - [source]

Best chance would be private insurance. But because some things don’t cover pre-existing stuff, you’d want to have an insurance that covers breast reductions and wait until you were on it until you got assessed. That way, if you get assessed and they won’t cover it, it’s not pre-existing, and the insurance will cover you. And if the Medicare does cover you, you might have the choice of choosing to go with either public or private health. So you can better options for a surgeon and also get the best cost.

With both public and private, there can be a ‘gap’ payment, so they might cover all of it, or just some/most while you pay for the rest. Again, that depends on the coverage of the insurance, or what it’s classified as under Medicare.

You’ll definitely want to look into private insurance coverages and see what would suit you. Best of luck :)

I almost thanked you for
teaching me something about survival
back there,
but then I remembered
that the ocean never
handed me the gift of swimming.
I gave it to myself.

- Y.Z, what I forgot to remember  (via lucreza)

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Jul 9

Stephen Stathis

Has an excellent reputation and currently works with under 18s. He’s considered the leading Queensland psychiatric expert on children with gender dysphoria.

Level 1 Surgical Building, Royal Children’s Hospital
Herston Road, Herston QLD 4006
(07) 3636 7000

Bulk billing available.

Reviews (add your experience with a medical professional here)

No reviews yet :(

Arun Menon

Townsville Sexual Health Services
35 Gregory Street, North Ward, QLD 4810
(07) 4433 9600

No fees, although clients will be asked for a Medicare Card for bulk-billing purposes, it is not compulsory.

Reviews (add your experience with a medical professional here)

No reviews yet :(

Michael Theodoros

Some external reviews on him here. He’s highly regarded in the transgender community as far as my experience goes.

Silverton Place (Name of Building)
101 Wickham Terrace, Spring Hill, QLD, 4000
07 3831 7022 

Reviews (add your experience with a medical professional here)

No reviews yet :(

Jul 8

In terms of transgender representation, I hope to make a series in 2015 that would otherwise not get made until 2030. I want to push transgender representation ahead by 15 years.


Amy Fox

Amy Fox has been working for a few years now to create a sitcom with a mostly transgender cast with all trans characters played by trans actors, including a trans woman playing the main character. I have been following the development of this show, The Switch, for a long time and I am really exited about it. There is a Kickstarter going on right now to pay for the last $50,000 in funding the show needs to be produced.

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Must see:
Janet Mock turns the script around and asks a cisgender woman the private / invasive questions trans people are asked regularly.


Jul 2

Hey, question about the DIY chest binder. Which part goes in the front? The fabric part or the elastic band part? Sorry I'm just figuring about my identity and don't know much. Thanks!


The fabric goes at the front :) Asking for information is always good, and there’s never a need to apologise for learning.

Have an awesome day!

Steve Holmes

Small outback town, the clinic seems to be run by him and his wife, Helen.

Victoria Rd Medical Clinic
16 Victoria Rd, Clare SA 5453
08 8842 1000

No bulk billing

Reviews (add your experience with a medical professional here)
- Very open minded friendly doctor, hadn’t had trans* patients before but was happy to be educated and was respectful at all times. Nice to find that in a country GP.