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Mar 4

Consider going into a classroom and looking around, and you’re the only man there. Even if you’re totally ok with that (heck, you expected it), you notice. You feel all the women in the room notice you and see that a lot of them are glancing over at you or making comments about your presence. Ok, you knew that might happen. A woman next to you says, “Hey, cool, a guy in a CS class, good for you.”

When it comes time to form a study group, half the women in the class don’t want to work with you because they assume men aren’t as good at CS. The other half jockey to work with you, some for the novelty (“Hey, I’m in a group with the guy, “) and half because they want to ask you out.

When you go to apply for an internship, a lot of companies seem really interested in you, but you’re not sure if it’s because they like your resume or just because you’re a guy in CS and they want to look open and forward thinking by having lots of male interns coding. You meet up with a group of female interns and one makes a slightly sexual joke. Everyone freezes and looks at you - are you one of those guys in CS that is serious and can’t take a joke, or will you be one of the girls?
At your job after you graduate, it’s naturally not ok for a woman to say outright that she’s prejudiced against male coders… But maybe your boss gives you slightly different work, or it takes longer for you to get a promotion because they need more proof that you are good - you don’t get the benefit of the doubt the way the girls do. When you express a strong opinion about a tough problem, the women write it off as you being sensitive and emotional - men often are, you know. When discussing your career ambitions, your coworkers often ask you how children play into that - I mean, you’re probably looking for a wife and plan to have kids since you’re in your late 20s. Everyone knows it’s a safe bet that kids are going to derail your career at least temporarily, if not permanently. You frequently police how often you mention family at all for fear people will assume you’re expecting a kid soon…

… Does this begin to explain it, at all? Even when a company is open to women working in all areas and no one is a dick, there is still a lot of pervasive bias that affects how women are treated and perceived. Why would you notice? It doesn’t affect you.

- Electrostaticrain (Reddit)

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Mar 3

Transgenders won't have to divorce partners under new law


Laws that force transgender people to divorce their spouse if they want their sex-change legally recognised may be abolished under a bill to be introduced to NSW Parliament.

State law requires people who have a gender transition to split from their partners before they can be issued with an updated birth certificate.

Independent Sydney MP Alex Greenwich and NSW Greens spokeswoman Mehreen Faruqi will give notice to introduce the private member’s bill on Tuesday to change the Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act so transgenders can have their gender changed on their birth certificates without them having to divorce their partners.

”This bill allows loving and committed couples to stay together,” Mr Greenwich said. ”As the debate with marriage equality continues, this is something that state governments can do to ensure trans people are protected. There are a number of members in our Parliament who are strong advocates for marriage and this is about keeping these marriages together.”

He said not having a person’s gender converted on a birth certificate can cause ”serious issues” with employment checks.

Transgender people say the bill will end the discrimination and embarrassment caused by them having to disclose publicly their former identities.

Elisabeth White, who began the transition from man to woman in 2010, says the current law puts her in the awkward and humiliating position of being forced to disclose her former gender when applying for a job.

”There’s a choice,” says the 45-year-old nurse who has been married to Lisa for 22 years. ”You either deal with discrimination or you divorce.”

Ms White, who grew up in an evangelical Christian home in Sydney but now lives in Melbourne with her wife and four children, does not want to divorce her partner who supported her during gender reassignment surgery in 2012.

”If I apply for a job as a nurse in a hospital or in aged care, I am subject to police checks and employers need my birth certificate. Because of that, I have to be upfront that I used to be known as Scott White.”

Even worse, she says, is having her gender marked as ”other” on her records at Monash University, where she is studying. ”There are still parts of my old self hanging around, and one of those is my gender marker. I’m forced into a position where I have to disclose it whether I like it or not.”

Ms White says she has been able to update her gender on her driver’s licence and Medicare card, but some places still require her birth certificate as a key piece of identity.

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If a guy calls you princess in a condescending manner assert your newly appointed royal status and have him beheaded.

Consent is not the absence of a no - It is the presence of a yes. Consent is knowing, willing, and active. It is not persuasive, forceful, or passive.

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Sending out rays of love to all the trans girls in the world. You are all beautiful and worthy and precious.


These are from a less known company.

They come in single density and upgrade multi density hyperrealistic. Circumcised to uncircumcised. Sizes range from 5, 6,7, and 11 inches. They have two different backs. Packer style which can be worn with medical adhesive and dildo back worn with a harness. They do color match for all skin tones. They have flaccid and erect models.


They have video of their 6 inch prosthetic (with dildo back) showing off its realism and the amazing moving 3D testicles.


Do not mock a pain that you haven’t endured.

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Found this in a museum. Your transphobia and cissexism are literally and scientifically invalid.




Found this in a museum. Your transphobia and cissexism are literally and scientifically invalid.


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Learn to say ‘no’ without explaining yourself.


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This applies to so many things

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Don’t expect to see positive changes in your life if you surround yourself with negative people.

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effective feminism is realizing that every struggle is not your own and that you can’t always relate

When “i” is replaced with “we” even illness becomes wellness.


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This changed me.

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Not liking penis isn’t transmisogynist.

Equating penis with man, equating being a lesbian with not liking penis, erasing trans women lesbians, treating trans women’s bodies as revolting, pretending that criticism of transmisogyny is just trans women trying to get into your pants…