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my partner tried to call me a sweetheart the other day but he misspelled it and I read it as “sweetbeard” and then I decided that this is what dwarf couples call each other

so, naturally, here are two dwarves on a date

Shoe lifts



Cinchers are similar to corsets in that they pull you in at the waist.


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Check out this awesome video by some solid BrotherBoys!! You can read more about them in this Crikey article here too :)

I thought I might have to sacrifice my culture just to be happy in my body, but that’s not the case.

Australia Voids Trans Man's Marriage, Now He's Fighting Back


By Mitch Kellaway

SOURCE: The Advocate 

Paige Phoenix

Australian trans man Paige Phoenix describes his wedding as the “happiest day of my life.” Three weeks after the ceremony, he experienced one of his worst: Victoria’s Birth, Deaths, and Marriages office demanded he and his wife return their marriage certificate so it could be destroyed.

On that fateful afternoon, the couple opened a letter to learn that the governmental agency had cross-checked his birth certificate against the passport he’d provided as legal proof of his gender prior to marriage, reports the Canberra Times. Upon learning that Phoenix was assigned “female” at birth, the state, which considers marriage only legal between a man and woman, voided their union.

In order to change gender on a birth certificate, Victoria’s transgender citizens must first undergo gender reassignment surgery — a requirement that Phoenix claims violates his and other trans people’s human rights. And although he has chosen to forego particular procedures due to a prohibitive medical condition, he maintains that requiring invasive, irreversible surgery for anytrans person — whether they are medically able to undergo the procedures or not — is unconscionable.

"When we’re forced to do things like go under the knife and have life-threatening surgery in order to have our sex recognized, it’s ridiculous," he explains in the recorded statement below. "No one should have to … have parts of their bodies removed that they don’t necessarily want removed."

In 2013, Phoenix lodged his first complaint to the United Nation’s Human Rights Committee — and he is prepared to continue pursuing it. “I still have my marriage certificate. [The state] will get it out of my cold, dead hands,” he declared to a crowd at Melbourne’s 2013 Equal Love Rally.

A musician and entertainer, Phoenix is no stranger to the public spotlight. In 2011, he made headlines as the first openly transsexual participant to compete on Australia’s The X Factor.

For more from Phoenix, watch the clip below.

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I’m just going through and filling in the links. You’ll notice not all are linked yet, but I just want to get the basics out first before I fill it out, so until then the info will just sit there until I get around to it.

These are all pages that I want to put in, all at various stages of completion because I find it hard to stick to one topic and I’m constantly adding. I’m trying to fix that because otherwise it takes ages for you to see the info, and I still haven’t managed to fix all the links since last revamp. That should be sorted with this sitemap I have. I can see everything without having to hunt for it.

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How the term ‘passing’ can be harmful and why we sometimes can’t avoid it 
Gender expression items 
Altering appearance and mannerisms


Choosing a name                      
List of non-binary pronouns and gender terms
Custom settings on Facebook
How to come out 
Dealing with Family 
Living stealth                             

Transitioning Info

Not everyone wants or needs to transition in every area, and that’s okay. So here’s the different sections so you can select the information applicable to you.


The Basics

How do I know I’m transgender and what does that mean?
Common Issues
Frequently asked Questions

LGBT/GSRM/MOGII why are there so many?

Everyone transitions differently
Non-binary transition
Where to find support